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Frequently Asked Questions

Supplies are segregated into three:

  1. Qalam.
  2. Ink+Likka.
  3. Paper

Paper: Qalam are of different kinds, based on the country of origin and type of wood, for eg: Indian Bamboo, Indonesian Bili, Indonesian Java, Iranian Desfuli, Turkish Celi etc…

Ink: Generally, any “Calligraphy” ink can be used, most calligraphers prefer Japanese Sumi ink or German Schmincke Aerocolor. However, any India ink locally available will work.(If you are in India, you can buy ink from our website).

Likka: Likka is pure raw silk used to prepare ink(watch the video on ink preparation), you can use sponge or cotton threads as a substitute for Likka.

Paper: Any glossy sheets with smooth surface can be used for practice purposes, use magazine papers, or food wrapping paper. To make any artwork, you must us Aher paper(Traditional handmade paper treated with Aher coat for smooth writing experience and easy correction process).

You can purchase supplies from the website, I suggest source ink locally, as shipping ink internationally is an expensive affair, rest can be shipped both domestically and internationally.

I share the knowledge I have acquired over the years on Thuluth Script.

No. It is not recommended to learn multiple scripts until you have acquired a certain expertise in any one script, especially, if you choose to learn Thuluth, as it is the most dynamic script.