Kufi Mushafiyah(Quranic) Video Series

What you Learn?

Have the Qur’anic Manuscripts always fascinated you? Have you ever wondered which script it this?
It has long been a mystery to many a calligrapher, until recently when the calligraphy community decided to revive this beautiful and most powerful script ever written in Islamic History.
This script is called Kufi Mushafiyah and it is the first codified script ever, in Islamic History. It used Nabatean alphabet, ABJAD as its base and made the first script to be used to write the Holy Qur’an.
IT is this script which you see in every single manuscript, up until it was replaced by other cursive scripts.
I welcome you to this course in which we learn the “Oldest” and the most powerful script in Islamic History.
After completing this course, you would be able to write, the same script, which was written by official scribes of Quran, in the early Islamic Period.
I have worked very hard in my research and study of this script to make it easily available to people who have been wanting to study this for many a year.
I hope you enjoy learning from it, as much as I have enjoyed researching and working on it

Part 1

In the first part, you will learn how to write, individual, standalone letters of the Arabic Alphabet.

Every singly letter from Alif to Yaa will be covered in separate video with detail explanation.

Part 2 - Connections

This part will dive deep in the arabic letter connections, which will enable you to learn how to connect two or more letters.

Here, we will deal with 

-Initial, Middle, End 

Shapes of every single letter. So you understand, in depth different shapes of letters depending on which position they are written in(Initial, Middle or End).

Part 3

Learn to write words.

Like in Thuluth course, we shall learn how to write names of Allah(Asma-Ul-Husna) in this part, where we shall learn in 20 videos how to write many different names of Allah

Part 4

Learn to write Ayah of Qur’an, in Kufi Mushafiyah script, which is the ultimate goal of everyone learning this beautiful script.

By this time, you will have grown so deep in the knowledge of Kufi Mushafiyah, that you will start making your own art works, and use this script to creatively infuse your talent.

We will write as many ayah as possible staying within the course of this video course.

Part 5

Make your own artistic composition using Kufi Mushafiya course.

Kufi is the most powerful script in the entire Arabic script reservoir, and hence with the modern applications, the artists have been able to use the incredible and rare letter forms to make unique artworks which are far more appealing than any other script. 

In this part I will go in depth to analyse some of the art works to enable you to think creatively and work on your own development.