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Have Qalams and traditional inks always fascinated you? Have you always wanted to experience the ancient way of writing by trying your hand at these classical tools and truly get to know what it feels like to be artistic by learning the art of Arabic Calligraphy?

Well, you are at the right place! Have you been searching for a path to help you learn?

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Arabic calligraphy, was a tool widely used for traditional communication in its initiation period. But looking at the art form, it became more accessible and began to be used in decoration and architecture. After centuries, the Arabic calligraphy scripts still hold its ground today – poised, artistic, and perfection. This is what we aim to revive completely at Qalam Aur Kagaz. Learn Arabic calligraphy online at the comfort of your home under our watchful guidance. My name is Salim Khan and I teach Arabic calligraphy to beginners and everyone else. So let’s begin – Bismillah!

This is a one-stop solution for everyone who wants to learn Arabic calligraphy online. Arabic calligraphy is a bit tricky to master, that is where we come in, helping you learn the art form with its original Arabic script and texture. Start from the very basics of Arabic calligraphy Measurements called Meezan, as we inculcate a step-by-step approach to teach you all the lessons in Arabic calligraphy, especially for beginners. Learn the most sought-after and challenging calligraphy script Thuluth with each lesson taught in detail online.

Learn all the aspects of Thuluth script in a comprehensive way, as we combine the traditional techniques of Arabic calligraphy with the modern online means to teach.

Complete the Arabic calligraphy course in 6 major parts with our professional guidance and a video bank of over 100+ videos. Master the complete Thuluth script today with a 50% off on our online course!

Why Qalam Aur Kagaz?

We have kept the calligraphy course Qur’an centric, so you start off by learning to write “Allah” in Arabic calligraphy, which is Thuluth script. Get a devised road map on Arabic calligraphy for beginners, with an ultimate guide on mastering the bismillah calligraphy art form. Still waiting for the right time to start learning Arabic calligraphy online? Get a few white papers, a black ink and a reed pen as we teach you Thuluth script of the beautiful Arabic calligraphy.

I would like to share my impressions of the calligraphy course. Each lesson is incredibly useful, productive and, most importantly, very pleasant! I enjoy the writing process. Of course, not everything works out right away, but patience and work will grind everything - this is just about calligraphy. Everything very relaxed, natural and at the same time organized at the highest level! I would like to preserve and increase all this knowledge and skills. Thank you very much our Ustaz! He is always in touch with his students. Great approach to teaching! First explains the spelling, sizes of all letters, and only then, when everything turns out completely, you can proceed to the next stage, connections into words ! Magically! Also our Ustaz organizes absolutely free challenges for all subscribers - writing the suras of the Koran, the beautiful names of Allah! This is the best find! I am very glad that I can learn Arabic calligraphy online from Kazakhstan🇰🇿Thank you dear Ustaz!
Madina Bossanova
From Kazakhstan
Qalamandkagaz is able to greatly simplify the compliclated learning process of Arabic calligraphy. When my interest first arouse in Arabic calligraphy I had no idea how to write even alif properly. I used to search about Arabic calligraphy classes all day but other's prices were either too high or they didn't give what I wanted. Then I found qalamandkagaz on you tube. His tutorials are awesome and I learnt the trick of writing almost all the letters like alif,baa,taa ... The way he teaches is just breathtakingly beautiful. Then I followed him on Instagram and immediately without giving a second thought I enrolled in the course and his teaching process decreased my anxiety and made everything easy for me Alhamdulillah. I really love being taught by him. He helped guide me in my personal problems related to Arabic calligraphy and kept me honest in my deadlines. He's always friendly and helpful. I was completely zero when I started and now I can compose few ayahs myself Alhamdulillah. He is really a hard working man and I always appreciate his efforts. He also sells qalams online and his qalams are at a reasonable price. I have checked other pages who sell qalams online and compared the prices to be honest his pricing is low undoubtful and his products are amazing. And if you are thinking of learning Arabic calligraphy do give it a try and enroll in the course. Thank you!
Sumaiya Badar Ansari
From India
Aslamu Alaikum! I'm Muhammad Hamid. I just wanted to share a quick note and my experience with Qalamaurkagaz 🙂 I found him through YouTube and now I'm his advance student Alhamdu Lillah. Believe me He explains every single thing very well, that makes things easier for us to learn, but still if you don't get any point, you can contact him at any time and he will respond.. Jazak'ALLAAHu Khair!
Hafiz Muhammad Hamid
From Pakistan
Calligraphy was a skill that I had admired years before taking your course. I would scour Instagram in awe of these talented artists but was always too intimidated try to learn myself. I finally decided to search for online classes, came across QALAMAURKAGAZ page. Ustad You took the process of learning Arabic calligraphy from intimidating to manageable to totally exciting. From laying out all the tools we would need (and introducing me to Qalams Paper Ink !)to coaching me through specific problems and any questions I had, to providing me with an awesome calligraphy community after the class - I am so grateful. Arabic Calligraphy has gone from a hobby to my true passion and it all started with your course! The "I Still Love Arabic Calligraphy" I can always count on receiving the best advice from you Ustad whenever I post a question. Thank you so much for your teaching and continued encouragement!
From India